ICC Identity Management Guide

ICC Identity Management Guide

FREE DOWNLOAD - The production and distribution of goods and services are increasingly organised in global value chains supported by electronic communication. Exporters and importers and their service providers for banking, insurance, logistical and computer support services need to be able to communicate with each other electronically with high quality data.
High quality data are relevant for the following reasons

• International Trade: international businesses are faced with data of multiple identification systems which creates operational costs and risks.
• Digital Economy: international businesses are more and more part of one or more digital ecosystems which require an unique “end-to-end” identification of subjects and objects with high quality data in the international supply chain.
• Compliance challenges: exporters and importers (and their service providers) are subject to reporting of data to government agencies with high quality data.

The guide with its references to the available data and (private and public) organisations involved will contribute to the understanding of the data challenges management in any industry.

We welcome the comments of the users for improving the guide for the benefit of all market participants involved in the international supply chain.

Download the guide here: ICC Identity Management Guide

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