ICC Guide to Export Import
ICC Guide to Export/Import Global Business Standards & Strategies
Retention of Title - A practical guide to legislation in 37 countries
E-bok. En samling fakta om äganderättsförbehåll insamlade av lokala experter i sina respektive ...
ICC Model Contract Joint Venture
In complex transactions, international as well as national co-operation between companies require...
The ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap
En kostnadsfri översikt i PDF-format, för nedladdning - se länk i botten av denna text. Ett antal...


2017 Annual Review of International Banking Law & Practice - USB drive
For over 20 years, the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice has produced the world's...
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Dispute Prevent and Settlement through Expert Determination and Dispute Boards
Dispute avoidance is not generally on the mind of businesses and their in-house legal counsel...
ICC Banking Commission Opinions 2012-2016
ICCs kommission för Trade Finance gör officiella bedömningar av specifika situationer grundade på...
Mediation  Practice
Mediation Practice is a dialogue between experienced mediation professionals of different...
In the 2nd half of the 20th century, scientific research unveiled the psychological mechanisms...
ICC Model Contract Selective Distribution, 2016
The ICC Model Contract “Selective Distribution” is intended for the marketing
ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement and Confidentiality Clause, 2016
Before entering a business transaction, companies of all sizes have to consider how to protect...