ICC Identity Management Guide
FREE DOWNLOAD - The production and distribution of goods and services are increasingly organised...
ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects - 2020 Revision
International turnkey construction projects are often complex transactions, requiring...
10-pack av Incoterms 2020 wallchart
De uppdaterade Incoterms 2020-reglerna lanseras den 12 september.
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Incoterms 2020 Wallchart
De uppdaterade Incoterms 2020-reglerna lanseras den 12 september.
Incoterms 2020  Sv/En
Internationella Handelskammaren ICC, som i över 80 år har tillhandahållit och med jämna mellanrum...
The ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap
En kostnadsfri översikt i PDF-format, för nedladdning - se länk i botten av denna text. Ett antal...


Vilken kontraktsmall passar mig?
Se https://icc.se/sjalvreglering/avtalsmallar för att få en bättre översyn över de...
ICC Model Contract - International Sale (Manufactured Goods)
An international business transaction requires a precise and detailed underlying contract.
ICC Certificate of Origin Guidelines
This universal set of international procedures, supplemented with samples as well as best...
ICC Guide to Export Import
ICC Guide to Export/Import Global Business Standards & Strategies
Outsourcing – a free to download, practical guide on how to create successful outsourcing solutions
In a globalized world, companies seek partners for cooperation and for outsourcing in markets and...
ICC Model Contract Joint Venture
In complex transactions, international as well as national co-operation between companies require...
ICC Business Integrity Compendium
ICC, the world business organization, has spearheaded the drive for greater integrity in...
Business Guide to Trade and Investment, volume 1
Volume 1 of this series introduces business interests to the international and regional rules...